It’s true, the National Forest Counties and Schools Coalition took a bit of a break, but after careful consideration, and a great deal of encouragement, the Coalition is reorganizing and gearing up to continue its work of providing a strong grassroots voice for rural America.


Action and Advocacy Goals

The Action and Advocacy Goals set forth below are intended to provide direction to the Board of Directors of the Coalition as they monitor and engage in the development of policy, regulations, and legislation.  The goals are not intended to serve as the blueprint for a single piece of legislation, but rather as a guiding reference point for the evaluation of legislation and regulations under consideration by the Federal Government, and to broadly define the parameters of new initiatives and legislation proposed by the Coalition.

  • Actively manage and restore National Forest and BLM lands to a level that promotes social and economic stability in local communities while providing appropriate environmental safeguards.
  • Secure payment methods that achieve or exceed current revenue levels to counties and schools under the 1908 Act and the 1937 O&C Act with incentives that produce a sustainable level of funding from actual receipts.
  • Ensure that Federal land management plans and projects are science-based and reflect: a balance between ecological, economic and social needs; timely and appropriate public input and review; consistency with local government planning; adequate agency resources to allow for full, annual implementation of goal oriented plans and accountability systems.
  • Increase revenues from National Forest and BLM lands through active goal-based multiple use management within the context of sustainable forest management, and applicable federal law.
  • Ensure continuous consideration and involvement of local communities and local governments in the development and implementation of federal land management plans, policies, procedures, and regulations.
  • Exempt no revenue generating programs and activities from making contributions to federal revenue sharing funds within the USFS and BLM as described in the 1908 Twenty-five Percent Payment Legislation and the 1937 O&C Act as amended.
  • Ensure that funds from the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self Determination Act and the Twenty-five Percent Fund are allocated to eligible school districts and other entities in the amounts consistent with established federal legislative intent.
  • Expand incentives for the continued involvement of local stakeholders in ecologically sound, outcome-based management of public lands.
  • Enhance the number, duties, and visibility of Resource Advisory Committees (RAC’s).
  • Restore public accessibility and wise multiple use of all federal public lands.
  • Utilize modern communication tools including social media and the internet, to ensure that citizens of public land counties are well informed of issues regarding the management of those lands.

Our Leadership

Lisa EscarcegaExecutive Director, Colorado Association of School Executives, Englewood, Colorado
Noelle Ellerson NgAssociate Executive Director, Policy & Advocacy, American Association of School Administrators
Lon Garrison Alaska School Boards Association
Steve Kopelman Executive Director, New Mexico Association of Counties
Jerry TaylorCommissioner, Garfield County, Utah
Mike HansonSuperintendent, Hill City School District, Hill City, South Dakota
Carol Brooker Commissioner, Lincoln County, MT
Lonnie Hunt County Relations Officer, Texas Association of Counties
Woody Woodford Superintendent, Kellogg School District, Kellogg, ID
Alan SorumYour Content Goes Here
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Jim MatsonCounty Commissioner, Kane County, Utah
Wes L. McCartCounty Commissioner, Stevens County, Washington
Tom LannenCommissioner, Skamania County, WA
Gordon Cruickshank Commissioner, Valley County, ID
Jonathan ShuffieldNACO
Mike McGinleyCounty Commissioner, Beaverhead County, Montana
Karen DouglassSuperintendent, Stevenson-Carson School District, Stevenson, Washington
Erin Duncan, (Mary Kusler, Dana Dillon) National Education Association
Kermith Walters California Forest County Schools Coalition
Sean Curtis Modoc County Farm Bureau
Doug Robertson Emeritus
Karen SkoogCounty Commissioner, Pend Oreille County, Washington

Executive Committee

Kermith Walters
Carol Brooker
Gordon Cruickshank
Lon Garrison
Doug Robertson Emeritus

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